Sweet Pea - Marine Rope Leash

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Tan leash paired with pink whipping and rose gold hardware!

Available in our standard 5' or hands-free 8' length options. Please note, our 8’ hands free option has been updated to include clasps on either end and two rings to knot where you feel comfortable (make a handle, around your waist, cross body, etc.)

Our standard 5’ leashes feature an O-ring built into the handle for added versatility! Use it to clip on poo bags, keys, or turn your leash into a hands-free! 

Made of ultra soft, double braid nylon rope (manufactured here in Canada!) These stylish and sturdy leashes come in gorgeous colours to match you and your pups style! 

We love them because:

- Will not mildew/mold

- Soft & lightweight (while still durable & strong)

- Exceptional handling and knot tying versatility

Note: These leashes are recommended for pups over 15lbs.